India, officially the Republic of India (Hindi: Bhārat Gaṇarājya), is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country, and the most populous democracy in the world. It shares land borders with Pakistan to the west; China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north; and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. In the Indian Ocean, India is in the vicinity of Sri Lanka and the Maldives; its Andaman and Nicobar Islands share a maritime border with Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia.


India is a pluralistic, multilingual and multi-ethnic society.  India has no national language.  Hindi, with the largest number of speakers, is the official language of the government. English is used extensively in business and administration and has the status of a "subsidiary official language". Each state and union territory has one or more official languages, and the constitution recognises in particular 22 "scheduled languages".


Digital Resources in languages of India

Audio Bible and Gospel Films are available in several languages of India. Click on Language Name in the below table to access the Language Resource page which provides Scripture resources as well as links to several other materials available in that particular language. If you have any questions or looking for a ministry partnership opportunity, please write to

Click on the States in the map to access the Scripture resources in Indian languages

Language Name Version ISO Code Audio Bible Gospel Films
Ahirani The Word For The World ahr YES YES
Ahirani Ahirani Bible (आहिराणी) ahr YES NO
Asamiya Sadri Indian Evangelical Mission sck YES NO
Assamese Indian Revised Version asm YES NO
Awadhi Easy-to-Read Version awa YES NO
Bagheli WPT bfy YES YES
Baghlayani Baghlayani Bible (बग़ल्याणीं बाइबिल) bfz YES YES
Bagri WPT bgq YES YES
Bareli, Pauri Davar Partners International bfb YES NO
Bareli, Rathwi New Life Computer Institute bgd YES YES
Bengali Easy-to-Read Version ben YES NO
Bengali Holy Bible, Bengali Contemporary Version ben YES YES
Bengali Indian Revised Version ben YES NO
Bengali Old Version ben NO YES
Bhadrawahi Davar Partners International bhd YES YES
Bharia WPT bha YES YES
Bhatri Indian Evangelical Mission bgw YES YES
Bhattiyali Bhattiyali Bible (भटियाली बाइबिल) bht YES NO
Bhojpuri Revised Old Version bho YES NO
Biate Bible Society of India biu NO YES
Bilaspuri Bilaspuri Bible (बिलासपुरी बाइबिल) kfs YES NO
Bodoporja 2018 The Word for the World bdv YES YES
Bodoporja Davar Partners International bdv YES NO
Bokar Indian Evangelical Mission adi YES NO
Boro Common Language Version brx NO YES
Bugun 2018 The Word for the World International bgg YES YES
Chambeali Chambeali Bible (चम्बयाळी बाइबिल) cdh YES YES
Chhattisgarhi 2012 Bharatiya General Conference Mennonite Church hne YES NO
Chhattisgarhi Bible Society of India hne NO YES
Chin, Matu 2005 Bible Society of Myanmar hlt YES NO
Chin, Matu Evangel Bible Translators hlt YES YES
Churahi Churahi Bible (चुराही बाइबिल) cdj YES YES
Desiya 2018 The Word for the World dso YES YES
Deukhuri Davar Partners International thl YES NO
Dhankavi 2018 The Word for the World International dhn YES YES
Dhundari New Life Computer Institute dhd YES YES
Dhurwa Indian Evangelical Mission pci YES NO
Didei The Word For The World gaq YES YES
Digaro, Mishmi WPT Version mhu YES YES
Dogri Dogri Bible (डोगरी बाइबिल) dgo YES YES
Dubli Davar Partners International dub YES NO
English English Standard Version - Hear the Word Audio Bible eng NO YES
English Holy Bible, New International Version eng NO YES
English King James Version eng YES YES
Gadaba, Mudhili WPT, 2019 gau YES YES
Gaddi DPI Version gbk YES YES
Gaita, Koitor WPT fmu YES YES
Gamit Davar Partners International gbl YES YES
Garasia Adiwasi Garasia Adiwasi Bible (ગરાસિયા આદિવાસી બાઇબલ) gas YES YES
Garhwali WPT - 2018 Edition gbm YES YES
Garhwali Garhwali Bible (गढ़वाली बाइबिल) gbm YES NO
Gondi, Adilabad Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc wsg YES YES
Gowlan 2020 The Word for the World International goj YES NO
Gowli Davar Partners International gok YES YES
Gujarati Gujarati New India Bible guj NO YES
Gujarati Indian Revised Version guj YES NO
Hadothi Indian Evangelical Mission hoj YES YES
Halbi 2017 Masihi Sahithya Sanstha, New Delhi in Association with Bastar True Light Samiti hlb YES YES
Halbi Davar Partners International hlb YES NO
Haryanvi The Love Fellowship, Davar Partners International bgc YES YES
Hindi Easy-to-Read Version hin YES NO
Hindi Holy Bible, Hindi Contemporary Version hin YES YES
Hindi Indian Revised Version (BCS Audio) hin YES NO
Hindi Sab Ki Version hin YES NO
Ho Bible Society of India hoc YES YES
Holiya 2020 The Word for the World International hoy YES YES
Jatapu Jatapu Kuvi Version kxv YES NO
Juang WPT jun YES YES
Jaunsari New Life Computer Institute jns YES YES
Juray Saura 2018 The Word for the World International juy YES YES
Kangri Kangri Bible (कांगड़ी बाइबिल) xnr YES YES
Kannada Easy-to-Read Version kan YES NO
Kannada Holy Bible, Kannada Contemporary Version kan NO YES
Kannada Indian Revised Version kan YES NO
Kannada Kurumba 2018 New Life Literature kfi YES NO
Khandesi Davar Partners International khn YES NO
Kharam The Word For The World kfw YES YES
Khasi Bible Society of India kha NO YES
Kinnauri Paharia New Life Computer Institute kjo YES YES
Kodaku WPT Version ksz YES YES
Kok Borok Old Version trp NO YES
Kolami, Northwestern 2005 Edition kfb YES YES
Koli, Wadiyara Koli Wadiyara Bible (કોળી વાડિયારા બાઇબલ) kxp YES YES
Konda-Dora 2006 Konda Saduvu Samastha kfc YES NO
Kondaporja The Word For The World kfc YES YES
Korwa WPT Version kfp YES YES
Koya New Revised Version kff YES YES
Koya 2006 Indian Evangelical Mission kff YES NO
Koya 2018 The Word For The World kff YES YES
Kuki Indian Evangelical Mission tcz YES YES
Kulvi Kulvi Bible (कुल्वी बाइबिल) kfx YES NO
Kulvi Inner Seraji 2017 Bibles International kfx YES YES
Kulvi Outer Seraji Kulvi Outer Seraji Bible kfx YES YES
Kupia 2018 Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc. key YES NO
Kupia Kupia Bible Translation Team key YES NO
Kuruk Friends Missionary Prayer Band kru YES YES
Kurumba, Alu New Life Computer Institute xua YES YES
Kurumba, Pal New Life Computer Institute pkr YES YES
Kuvi The Word For The World kxv YES YES
Kuvi Kuvi Bible Translation Team kxv YES NO
Ladakhi Ladakhi Bible (ལ་དྭགས་སྐད་ ཉན༌ཅེས༌) lbj YES NO
Ladakhi Moravian Church Ladakhi (Colloquial) Bible Translation Ministry lbj YES YES
Lahuali Lahauli Bible (लाहौली बाइबिल) lbf YES NO
Lamkang Evangel Bible Translators lmk YES NO
Lodha 2018 The Word for the World International lbm YES YES
Lodhi 2018 The Word for the World International lbm YES YES
Magahi 2014 Asian Sahyogi Sanstha India Gorakhpur, (U.P.) mag YES YES
Maithili Wycliffe Bible Tranlsators, Inc. mai YES YES
Malayalam Malayalam Bible 1910 - Revised and in Contemporary Orthography mal YES NO
Malayalam Bible League International mal YES NO
Malayalam Holy Bible, Malayalam Contemporary Version mal YES YES
Malayalam Indian Revised Version mal YES NO
Malvi 2012 Malvoday and New Life Literature (मालवोदय) mup YES YES
Mandeali Mandeali Bible (मंडयाळी बाइबिल) mjl YES YES
Mannan New Life Computer Institute mjv YES YES
Marathi 1993 Bible League International mar YES NO
Marathi Indian Revised Version mar YES NO
Marathi Marathi New India Bible Version mar NO YES
Marula New Life Computer Institute iru YES NO
Mavilan Tulu New Life Computer Institute tcy YES YES
Mewari New Life Computer Institute mtr YES NO
Mizo Bible Society of India lus NO YES
Moudadan Chetty New Life Computer Institute cty YES YES
Muduga New Life Computer Institute udg YES YES
Munda Davar Partners International unx YES NO
Mundari The Word For The World unr YES YES
Muthuvan New Life Computer Institute muv YES YES
Naga, Ao Common Language Version njo NO YES
Naga, Lotha Common Language Version njh NO YES
Naga, Sumi Common Language Version nsm NO YES
Nagamese Nagamese Indian Standard Version (ISV) nag YES NO
Nahali 2018 The Word for the World International nlx YES YES
Nahali Davar Parterns International nlx YES NO
Noiri 2020 by The Word for the World International noi YES YES
Noiri Noiri (नोयरी) Bible noi YES NO
Odia Easy to Read Version ory YES YES
Odia Indian Revised Version (Davar Audio) ory YES NO
Ollo 2019 Evangel Bible Translators nst YES YES
Ollo Evangel Bible Translators Audio nst YES YES
Pahari, Mahasu The Love Fellowship bfz YES YES
Pahari-Mirpuri 2021 WBT phr YES YES
Paliyan 2018 The Word for the World International pcf YES YES
Pangwali WPT pgg YES NO
Paniya New Life Computer Institute pcg YES YES
Pengaporja 2018 The Word for the World peg YES YES
Pengaporja Davar Partners International peg YES NO
Pnar Pioneer Bible Translators pbv YES NO
Punjabi Eastern Indian Revised Version pan YES NO
Punjabi Western New Testament Revised 2020 pnb NO YES
Puroik Indian Evangelical Mission suv YES YES
Rabha Indian Evangelical Mission rah YES YES
Ranglong 2002 Bibles International rnl YES YES
Rajbanshi India Indian Evangelical Mission rkt YES YES
Ravula New Life Computer Institute yea YES YES
Rohingya RCA – 2020 (John), 2021 (Luke) rhg YES YES
Sadri Davar Partners International sck YES NO
Sadri Indian Evangelical Mission sck YES YES
Sakachep 2018 The Word for the World sch YES YES
Shekhawati New Life Computer Institute swv YES YES
Sindhi India Sindhi Translation snd YES YES
Sirmauri Sirmauri Bible srx YES NO
Soriyali Soriyali Bible (सोरयाली बाइबिल) kfy YES YES
Surgujia Davar Partners International sgj YES NO
Surgujia WPT sgj YES YES
Tagin 2018 The Word for the World International tgj YES YES
Tamil Easy-to-Read Version tam YES NO
Tamil Holy Bible, Tamil Contemporary Version tam YES YES
Tamil Indian Revised Version (Davar Audio) tam YES NO
Tamil Indian Revised Version (World Cassette Outreach of India) tam YES NO
Telugu Easy-to-Read Version tel YES NO
Telugu Grace Ministries tel YES NO
Telugu Holy Bible, Telugu Contemporary Version tel NO YES
Telugu Indian Revised Version tel YES NO
Tharu, Rana Indian Evangelical Mission thr YES YES
Tikhir Evangel Bible Translators yim YES YES
Toto Indian Evangelical Mission txo YES YES
Tutsa 2018 The Word for the World International tvt YES YES
Urdu Easy-to-Read Version urd YES NO
Urdu Indian Revised Version urd YES NO
Varhadi, Nagpuri Varhadi Nagpuri Bible (वऱ्हाडी नागपुरी बाइबिल) vah YES YES
Varli Friends Missionary Prayer Band vav YES NO


Audio Bible Players are also available in the below Indian language versions. If you are looking for Audio Bible Players in these languages, please write to .

Language Name Version ISO Code
Assamese Bible Society of India asm
Banjara (Lambadi) Common Language lmn
Bengali Old Version ben
Biate Bible Society of India biu
Boro Common Language Version brx
Chhattisgarhi Bible Society of India hne
Garhwali Common Language gbm
Gujarati Old Version guj
Hindi Old Version hin
Kannada Old Version kan
Kashmiri Bible Society of India kas
Khasi Bible Society of India kha
Kok Borok Old Version trp
Konkani Old Version knn
Kui Revised Version kxu
Malto Bible Society of India mjt
Marathi Old Version mar
Meithei Bible Society of India mni
Mizo Bible Society of India lus
Mundari Old Version Re-edited unr
Naga Lotha Common Language Version njh
Naga, Ao Common Language Version njo
Naga, Sumi Common Language Version nsm
Oriya Revised Version ory
Punjabi Old Version pan
Santhali Union Version sat
Sora Bible Society of India srb
Tamil Old Version tam
Telugu Old Version tel
Urdu Old Version, Bible Society of India urd

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