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ସୌଠେନୁ ଯୀଶୁ ଉର୍ହାକେ କୈତେ ନାଗ୍ଲେକ୍‌, ସାବ୍‍ଧାନ୍ କୋଔ ଯୌରକ୍‌ମ ତୁର୍ହାକେ ଯେନନାଏଁ ଠକେ । ଢେର୍‌ ଆହ୍ମାଁର୍‍ ନାମେ ଆସ କୈଭିନ୍‌ ଯେ ଖ୍ରୀଷ୍ଟ କହି ବେଡି ନୋକ୍‌ ନାଜ କର୍‌ଭିନ୍‌ ।

Mark 13:5

Lodhi Audio Bible

Mark 1
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His word helps to draw closer to Him so listen to the Word of God for free and listen anytime, anywhere! We are glad to announce the release of Audio Bible in Lodhi language.

Lodhi (Lodi, Lohi, Lozi) is a dialect of Lodha language of India. It is a Munda language, or dialect cluster, Lodhi Kharia Thar is only spoken by one quarter of ethnic Lodhi in Orissa. However, while admitting that Lodhi is related to Sora, a Munda language, Ethnologue classifies it as Indic (Bengali–Assamese), and it is considered a variety of Hindi in the Indian census. It may be that there are both Munda and Indic varieties subsumed under the name Lodhi. However, Anderson (2008:299) suggests that Lodhi (Lodha) of northern Orissa may be an endangered Munda language; some members use the autonym Sabar or Sabara.   

Resources Available in Lodhi

  • Scripture Portion
  • Audio Bible
  • Gospel Films

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Format Resource (Direct link) Source (General link)
Audio Recordings Audio Bible teaching Global Recordings Network
Audio Recordings Online New Testament Faith Comes by Hearing
Audio Recordings Online New Testament Faith Comes by Hearing
Film / Video LUMO film of Gospels Bible Media Group/LUMO
General Gospel resources links Scripture Earth
Text / Printed Matter Bible: Lodhi YouVersion Bibles

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Lodhi - Gospel Films

Mark 1:1-13
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Watch the story of Jesus in a whole new light! We are glad to present the LUMO Gospel Films video in Lodhi Language which is a visual translation of the Gospels, developed to truly engage people with Scripture.


Read, listen and meditate on the WORD of GOD in Lodhi using Bible.is app. We have made this app available absolutely free for you to download and use.


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