Bilaspuri (बिलासपुरी बाइबिल)

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मसीहे अजादिया रे खातर अहांजो मूसा रिया व्यवस्था ते अजाद कित्या; इस खातर तुहें ये निश्चा करी लवा भई तुहें अजाद ये, कने फेरी भीं अप्पूँजो व्यवस्था रा दास बनाणे री इजाज़त नीं देआ।

Galatians 5:1

Bilaspuri Audio Bible

Matthew 1
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His word helps us to draw closer to Him so listen to the Word of God for free anytime, anywhere! We are glad to announce the release of Audio Bible in Bilaspuri language.

Bilaspuri or Kahluri is a language spoken in northern India, predominantly in the Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is associated with the people of the former princely state of Bilaspur in the Panjab Hills. Bilaspuri is classified as one of the varieties of the Western Pahari language group. However, Bilaspuri is listed as Punjabi in the census. According to the 2011 Census, the speakers of Bilaspuri/Kahluri are 295,805.

Resources Available in Bilaspuri

  • New Testament
  • Audio Bible
  • Gospel Films

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Bilaspuri Gospel Films

Luke 1:1-25
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Watch the story of Jesus in a whole new light! We are glad to present the LUMO Gospel Films video in Bilaspuri Language which is a visual translation of the Gospels, developed to truly engage people with Scripture.

Bilaspuri Bible
Bilaspuri Bible

Read, listen and meditate on the WORD of GOD in Bilaspuri using Bible app. We have made this app available absolutely free for you to download and use.


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