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1 Timothy 1
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His word helps to draw closer to Him so listen to the Word of God for free and listen anytime, anywhere! We are glad to announce the release of Audio Bible in Lamkang language.

Lamkang is a Naga language spoken by Lamkang Naga of Manipur, India, with one village in Burma. The Lamkangs are mostly settled in the southwest and southeastern parts of Manipur. The language has been influenced by the state language Meitei as the people have been in contact with Meiteis, and as Meitei is used as a lingua franca among local tribes. There are current language documentation efforts by native speakers including Bible Translation by Mr. Swamy Tholung Ksen under the Bibles International, Pautum Ren (New Testament) the collection of traditional stories songs (done by Beshot Khullar) Children's story book Knao Bu Then, Naoluwng Paomin, published by SIL, and the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) and United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) translated by Sumshot Khular, and videography of traditional dances and stories (done by the Rev. Daniel Tholung) and work on creating a standard orthography (by the Lamkang Literature and Education Committee).


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