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Pahari-Mirpuri Audio Bible

Luke 1
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His word helps us to draw closer to Him so listen to the Word of God for free anytime, anywhere! We are glad to announce the release of Audio Bible in Pahari-Mirpuri language.

Pahari Mirpuri also called Pahari Pothwari is a Indo-Aryan language spoken on the Pothohar Plateau in the far north of Pakistani Punjab, as well as in most of Pakistan's Azad Kashmir and in western areas of India's Jammu and Kashmir. The language is transitional between Hindko and Standard Punjabi. There have been efforts at cultivation as a literary language, although a local standard has not been established yet. In Kashmir, speakers of Pahari-Pothwari are known as Pahari people. There are at least three major dialects: Pothwari, Mirpuri and Pahari.They are mutually intelligible, but the difference between the northernmost and the southernmost dialects (from Muzaffarabad and Mirpur respectively) is enough to cause difficulties in understanding.

Resources Available in Pahari-Mirpuri

  • Scripture Portions
  • Audio Bible
  • Gospel Films

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Pahari-Mirpuri - Gospel Films

Luke 1:1-25
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Watch the story of Jesus in a whole new light! We are glad to present the LUMO Gospel Films video in Pahari-Mirpuri Language which is a visual translation of the Gospels, developed to truly engage people with Scripture.

Read, listen and meditate on the WORD of GOD in Pahari-Mirpuri using app. We have made this app available absolutely free for you to download and use. App URL - link -

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