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Vanthlaang lawng hutaa rawi nala “Rih boel; thinglam dawngah a ngawn u Jesuh te na tlap te ka ming. Ahih tah he ah awm tlaih nawh; a thui angla tho poen. Law langtah a ralhna huen te bueh lah.

Matthew 28:5

Chin, Matu Audio Bible

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His word helps us to draw closer to Him so listen to the Word of God for free anytime, anywhere! We are glad to announce the release of Audio Bible in Chin, Matu language.

Resources Available in Chin, Matu

  • New Testament
  • Audio Bible
Chin, Matu
Chin, Matu

Read, listen and meditate on the WORD of GOD in Chin, Matu using our Bible app. We have made this app available absolutely free for you to download and use.


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